By dating fossils of pollen and beetles

by dating fossils of pollen and beetles
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Radioactive Dating

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DESCRIPTION: B Warm-weather plants cannot establish themselves as quickly as can beetles in a new environment. Quantitative Verbal Please note - we may remove posts that do not follow our posting guidelines. Measuring and analyzing your curation will help you to understand what your audience is looking for and how to improve your performance..

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By dating fossils of pollen and beetles, which returned : CR Archive

Answers with explanations most appreciated. E Beetles are among the oldest insect species and are much older then many warm-weather plants. C Since C shows how beetles could survive in a barren post-glacial area before the arrival of plants, it explains why the beetle fossils antedate the plant fossils. A Cold-weather beetle fossils can be mistaken for those of beetles that live in warm climates. Considering that this will resolve the paradox, this is not the right answer.

By dating fossils of pollen and beetles.

by dating fossils of pollen and beetles
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The four wrong choices all paper over the dating discrepancy in different yet valid ways: A high region and a low region..

  • D Since planes spread unevenly in a new climate, researchers can mistake gaps in the pollen record as evidence of no new overall growth. If this was more of an explicit resolve the paradox question, the paradox being that this technique is useful despite that the individual elements yield different results, would an appropriate answer center on the notion that only analyzing the conjunction of data from the two elements can allow for approximate dating?.
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  • May 18, - By dating fossils of pollen and beetles, which returned after an Ice Age glacier left an area, it is possible to establish an approximate date when a warmer climate developed. In one glacial area, it appears from the insect record that a warm climate developed immediately after the melting of the glacier.
  • (E) doesn't explain the discrepancy because we're concerned about the end of a specific Ice Age and how soon beetles and pollen "came back" to a certain area. (E) is concerned with the entire history of the planet. It just tells us that many beetles existed on this planet long before many warm-weather.
  • LRTT 15 (Paradox) Q Hello! Not sure I understood the stimulus well, which is why I chose D instead of E, what does the age/life span of a beetle of to do with why there was a discrepancy between the post glacial dating between pollen and insects? nicholaspavic: PowerScore Staff PowerScore Staff.

Return to Section 2. Tani Wolff - Kaplan wrote: If beetles did adapt to the weather changes, one can derive some information abt the conditions from the fossils. E is therefore irrelevant to the seeming contradiction in the stimulus, and is thus the choice we seek that bt not help to explain the discrepancy. No problem, unsubscribe here.

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