Dating a smith and wesson model 41

dating a smith and wesson model 41
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Smith & Wesson Model 41 and Ruger Mark IV Competition Comparison

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DESCRIPTION: Only were made using light aluminum slides necessary for function with the low-power Short. Switch to Hybrid Mode. That's very interesting, so there is one out there somewhere with the serial number ? Feb 20, 3..

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Model 41 LR Need Help to Determine Year of Manufacture

You have to love those 41's. Feb 20, 4. Find all threads started by ridewv. I wanted a heavy barrel model for sure this pistol has some heft. Switch to Threaded Mode. By they ran thru TZZ and started using a V series prefix. The model 41 was not introduced until , and could not have been made any earlier then that.

smith and wesson model 41 serial numbers.

dating a smith and wesson model 41
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  • Only units were made in .
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  • s&w model 41 serial numbers
  • can anyone help me date a very old s&w model 41 - Forum

Tony Rumore , Feb 20, .

  • Does anyone happen to have a listing of the manufacturer serial number and dates for the 41's for 1st year of production thru '77? "Here is a Summary of S&W M41 Dates of Manufacture from this Thread: Serial #___ Date of 41 - Born on date / value - Smith & Wesson Forum.
  • Aug 15, - Appreciate any help to determine the year my Model 41 was manufactured, serial #xx. Join Date: Aug Posts: 6. Liked: 0 times  Model need help with serial number.
  • i recently bought a model 41 that i knew was old but ive been trying to figure out what year it was made but the only info i can can find on the.

Besides serialan important feature in identifying early 41s is the absence of the "crescent moon"shaped scallops on either side of the dating a smith and wesson model 41 just in back of the trigger. Datiny rough estimate of value would be appreciated. The TAD serial prefix dates to approx Go grab a drink, rest your eyes and come back for the next post Find all threads started by greenmachine. BB code is On.

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