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#8 unikje: Not destroyed. Two great points. This is how all political debates must go. When the discussion is over the viewer should formalize their own opinion based on what was stated on both sides.

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#12 SUSLIK2012: Yovanny Arrechea, con len no hizo nada, lo nico que le recuerdo es un desborde por la banda en los primeros 5 minutos en un partido contra el Amrica y un gol (buen gol contra Iquique creo. En la Libertadores

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#29 kolezei: Romulus and Remus baffled scientists? And where is the snake girl? Boo this channel has been going downhill for a while. Shape up

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#1 28.03.2018 at 10:49 denifilth666:
I throughly enjoyed this LOL

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Por que siempre pones las fotos de lo que no va a pasar en el vide que estafa.

#3 08.04.2018 at 22:42 makc554110:
Joe which personality will I have today Rogan. .

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#6 30.04.2018 at 17:31 gosha_95h:
This is almost like that 1970s documentary

#7 06.05.2018 at 21:28 asus841:
I found the comments on black people calling themselves kings and queens hilarious. Except for when he said that in africa there were only little villages and they didn't travel very far, etc. etc. I west Africa there were multiple very large kingdoms that existed during a time before European indoctrination that made very great works of art (especially with sculpting human figures such as the kingdoms of the Ashanti, Yoruba and wolof to name a few. This however is overlooked in history classes (especially in America for favor of teaching about the GOD DAMN SLAVE TRADE and how terrible it was instead of learning about actual West Africa.

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Snakes can't swim very well my brother is deathly afraid of snakes

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If what AJ says about Trump is true then trump would have been picked off along time ago. He is the elite.

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Q pasa despus de la muerte de piter alguien sabe ?

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2008 hulk was better

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.you dont know anything about me. looks like shes feeling it. Sanders will have the much deserved mental breakdown she deserves by the end of this.

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Se ve que es divertido y sus hijos lo quieren mucho, yo quiero un papa asi

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Um. guys Taylor swift is a part in this freaking movie

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I'm giving this a like cause of that ending XD

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so nice

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I think it'd be great if boom did a good version of the Lord Drakkon powerset. The sharp angles on the costume are obviously meamt to be more menacing but a less angular interpretation would be good.

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Sick sick sick. What a mess. The USA is broken.

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great video

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que tipo de cerveza puedo tomar soy diabtica

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There were 666 likes when I started watching this. I felt compelled to like.

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