Still heart broken and waiting

still heart broken and waiting
My name is Kate, 18 years: I am small, beautiful, tender, romantic, healthy woman with high dreams and hopes, with passionate character and beautiful eyes..

Heart broken but still waiting for his princess......

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DESCRIPTION: I was getting by. It still heart broken and waiting to hear him talk about other women and to realize that his plans would never include me. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not heqrt published. And my life is my life because of God. After a good year and half my Wonderful!.

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I love this post Mandy so beautiful and brave, What I have learnt in life at my age now of 27 is this, My first love was the father of my first and only daughter, I was 19 years old and naive not see he was not a nice guy Red Flag. I will take my burdens to Him and leave it there. Also, I disagree that people are strong. Recently I had a heartbreak of myself, though nothing like yours since we were never actually together. Love will be the first one in the door and the last one out.

Ten Things You Can Only Learn By Having Your Heart Broken.

still heart broken and waiting
My name is Annette, 23.: I am very positive and opened person. I live my job and I love to be always active. I have good sense of humor and I am always positive. I believe that we are a magnet for your thoughts. I mean that our thoughts are material. So I am always thinking in positive way and believe that I am surrounded with good people. I miss a soul mate in my life to spend romantic evenings together, to share my everyday life with him. I have decided to join this dating site and find my second half online.

Thank you for sharing this…it made me think of where I was two years ago..

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It is like we are afraid to admit when we are weak and hurting and broken. Laura your story is both heartwarming and cherished and has helped me through several a morbid, dark lonely day..

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Your story is heartwarming. Along the way, she has studied in Spain, taught English and literature, and made about a hundred homemade cards. It has encouraged me to look back and I thank Abba for removing me from that relationship because I would not be where I am today. Because that love you brokdn still heart broken and waiting the person they were is replaced with the syill you feel and the person they are right now. However if you are the only one still heart broken and waiting in that relationship and your partner only shows up for the Interest payouts, then that my dear sister is not a good investment. Thank you for writing this. To be honest, sometimes I did lose hope.

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