Why do ford trucks suck

why do ford trucks suck
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Mechanical Evidence FORD SUCKS!

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DESCRIPTION: Coil springs also have this property, but are not mounted such that they can take advantage of it. Ford is evidently the best American maker there is right now! One of my employees has a F just like my old one..

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Ford trucks really do suck! | Chevy Truck Forum | GM Truck Club

I have had my old trucks break down. Dodge has come out with a new tranny for their big trucks. These issues plagued these engines so bad, that Ford and Navistar actually got into a lawsuit over warranty claims and who would be responsible. As for 4, you got me. I stand behind my opinion

Why do people always say ford trucks suck?.

why do ford trucks suck
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You have to define what you want from you vehicle, mine, even if Jeep has stopped making them, is one of the most universal vehciles around..

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Mustang guys and F-series vs. Only ford and chevy have had to do that to comply with epa reg's..

  • I've known every brand to suck ass for someone and be god like to another. Honda's don't break often, but when they do, it's expensive as fuck (shitty trannys). . i dont think ford trucks are shitty, there cars i wouldnt be caught in, those are.
  • Jul 20, - Don't ever buy a Ford f in the day, and they would all warn me how bad Ford trucks and Ford cars were. fsucks-worst-truck-ever.
  • Ford F with a KNOWN hot start problem should have been a recall makes this mechanical/design defect.

By Brandon registered Posted Why do ford trucks suck 06, at Toyota all the way. Despite using a truck for its intended design: It is also top rated in performance. Look at various offroading websites. Bottom line - the actual springing medium serves only the question of space allocation on the vehicle, and return on capital. The only exception to that are the new Hellcats.

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