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#1 amorfys: Thank you and God Bless you Dr CORSI. I have seen the massive increase in paid disinfo TROLLS on Patriots Soapbox. I cannot comprehend Pamphlets decision to allow those paid to divide the movement in hopes of their being recruited. Something very wrong is going on in that channel. What a shame.

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#4 SexyGirl: While I was glad to see Mr Jordan was on the list, I think the original in the movie Mr. Jordan was so much better, maybe it my preference for b&w movies, maybe it's respect for the original, maybe he's just a better actor .

#5 Parlament12: Like si pensaste que el valor de x era 2581

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#7 aszx5: Quick note from a medical student; saturated fats intake is the primary cause of heart disease and stroke and its impact on serum testosterone is insignificant

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#12 fdfdsfgh: Imagine this historic breakthrough on the Korean penionsula would have taken place under Obama, there would be a complete jamboree session going on in the mainstream media FOR MONTHS. Not giving any credit to Trump, or even ridiculing him for these developments is simply disgusting. They are absolutely terrified with Trump having success. One more example of how lefitsm and liberalism in the media who keep exposing themselves as the true cancer of society and the total idiots who are completely lacking common sense and logic.

#13 komahar1: Yes because you must have coffee every where you go

#14 Sumer: Beautiful Work Dan, just stunning, video and build! Every time you come out with one, I get so inspired dude! You rock!

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#18 noss2010: Who is the best chef Jordan

#19 sinzik: 3.27 i like marvel more than dc but i also love batman me tooo

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#21 kaka10: lol most of these goals were made against england

#22 frix: They stole my care package xD

#23 lool: What impresses me is how Atreus is seeing the truth before his eyes; yet he is more concerned with the safety of his own father over anything else.

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Doctors DO know the addiction level and the outcome of opioids. The profit that they and BIgPharma make, over-rules the consequences. How many doctors, nurses, veterinarians, and other health *professionals are addicted? They can work for decades under the influence and because of our culture, we look the other way. Until a catastrophe happens, as a botched surgery or other complication because of the doctors addiction, they get away with murder and maiming thousands. My dog and I are victims of doctors under the influence. Getting them out of the system is nearly impossible. We are forced to live with the result, and the doctors and health care system are making billions each year.

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