Communication theory social penetration

communication theory social penetration
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Social Penetration Theory

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DESCRIPTION: The survey results indicates that more breadth of topics occurs in penetration process in black friendship than white. A longitudinal study of social penetration". Delivering Your penetratioj 2. Touching and kissing may also occur in this stage, in the case of couples..

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Communication Theories (Social Penetration and Uncertainty Reduction) Flashcards | Quizlet

This theory makes it's prediction based on the levels of self disclosure, that when self disclosure is high, relationship will develop. Self-disclosure is reciprocal, especially in the early stages of relationship development. This psychological theory, as with many others, is applied in the context of interpersonal communication. Close friendship and romantic relationship are two major sources for social supports, which have protective effect and play a crucial role in helping individuals with social phobia to cope with distress. Learning Objectives Discuss social penetration theory and self-disclosure and its principles. We can see from this that those who may be more introverted are more likely to disclose information on the internet.

Social penetration theory.

communication theory social penetration
My name is Leah, 28.: If you would ask me to describe myself, I would tell that I am calm, cute, loveing, sociable, positive and active.

Therefore, a Japanese person may not self-disclose nearly as much or as enthusiastically as, say, a French person. People meet and try to reduce their uncertainty about each other; they continue to get to know each other as long as their interactions are more pleasurable than punishing, and as long as the alternatives available to them are not as palatable as what they currently have..

  • Uncertainty theory states that we choose to know more about others with whom we have interactions in order to reduce or resolve the anxiety associated with the unknown Berger, C. Posted by erone77 Email This BlogThis!.
  • Communication Theories (Social Penetration and Uncertainty Reduction)
  • Stages of Self-Disclosure
  • Social Penetration Theory – Communication Studies

Retrieved from " https: Silence early in a relationship can be a sign of respect, but it can also send the message that you are fearful, shy, or lack confidence..

  • Irwin Altman and Dalmas Taylor describe this progression from superficial to intimate levels of communication in social penetration theory, which is often called.
  • The International Encyclopedia of Interpersonal Communication, First Edition. Social penetration theory was developed to explain how information exchange.
  • Who would've thought that an onion can help in understanding communication? In Social Penetration theory, it is the case and is quite handy in explaining on.

Facebook as a model for the evolution of the social penetration theory". An application to social penetration and privacy regulation". Start with superficial conversations that are neutral and nonthreatening, but demonstrate a willingness to engage in communication. This is then the affective stage, communication theory social penetration both started to share on how they feel towards each other. According to Altman and Taylor, when de-penetration occurs, "interpersonal exchange should proceed backwards from more to less theorh areas, should decrease in breadth or volume, and, as communication theory social penetration result, the total cumulative wedge of exchange should shrink".

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