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#1 09.06.2018 at 12:59 nanosboy:
That is why rotation is so important. First in first out.

#2 14.06.2018 at 16:07 Dogra:
Digan nombres no se han gachos, quien es la manzana podrida de chivas?

#3 15.06.2018 at 05:11 sniker45:
finger bangs the crocodile hmm yes it's a female

#4 16.06.2018 at 05:40 biakua:
Bruh with 24 gotta learn to keep his composure but he hooping

#5 17.06.2018 at 10:09 h82w81:
how long do banana chips last?

#6 27.06.2018 at 09:26 ppshkin:
This movie was

#7 01.07.2018 at 00:45 NEKRO1316:
Lol I already know this trick

#8 11.07.2018 at 09:11 saory:
I love this vid, this is one of my favorites

#9 21.07.2018 at 09:26 asian1:
Does this phone lag? Looked like it was really struggling at one point in the video.

#10 24.07.2018 at 23:40 Katja1988:
Corto y conciso muchas gracias

#11 01.08.2018 at 19:04 popo4ka18:
Track at 25:00?

#12 10.08.2018 at 09:43 XXBLADXX:
Does David Schwimmer Ever Age?

#13 15.08.2018 at 13:32 simka2:
na ghana ppl make dis fake video to spoil naija artists name.

#14 17.08.2018 at 21:22 gazik02:
Paluten is der weltbeste Fahrer

#15 22.08.2018 at 12:49 peacefull6ym:
Gw kemaren ke Ujung Genteng Jakarta Ujung Genteng Perjalanan naek motor 9 Jam loh gan wkwkkwkw #InfoPenting #GakAdaYangNanya #AsiknAja

#16 24.08.2018 at 21:24 kacyk2:
That was an incredible 4th quarter rally by the Thunder. The Heat had a lot of momentum for the first 3, but they finished weak.

#17 31.08.2018 at 13:57 brokenheart:

#18 02.09.2018 at 14:01 stels25:
The part when she said are you rich? Was a dead giveaway! And the other girl were problably doing a troll!

#19 11.09.2018 at 21:52 loopybg4:
60 fps Proceeds to kick the mario in the corner*

#20 13.09.2018 at 08:33 TomaMama:
I dont get how lonzo is becoming a bust. He excels in all areas offensively and defensively, only thing he cant do is score consistently and has a bad jumper, but every time h plays fast and aggressive he can get to the paint and put the ball in the basket. I think Lonzo Ball is undoubtedly going to become one of the best players in the league

#21 19.09.2018 at 02:41 olmerq:
You're missing the t in history .

#22 28.09.2018 at 21:19 bogdan14442:
Teams with amazing chemistry and players playing at their best can beat a super team any day

#23 01.10.2018 at 19:05 layter555:
RTS ahora se hizo una mierda

#24 06.10.2018 at 11:11 vfvfghbdtn:
I've been quiet about the NBA but as I sit here with tears in my eyes. I will say that you guys are trash. You ruined the game. I use to love the NBA. Like I would put 100 percent of energy and attention into it but not now. You guys ruined the NBA by making it all business like and classy. now the one year olds can watch. 1 I like LeBron but if he's the King then I want to see him roar! He doesn't even have to control the jungle. He's out their playing casual basketball like it's 1965. You guys have went back to 50s 60s basketball. It's so causual. which is OK I guess. That's why I liked the Celtics (ALLEN, Pierce, Garnett, rondo, Perkins, big baby, doc I could go on. They gave LeBron his best competition. He could never beat them and he would to try so hard. WHERE IS HIS COMPETITION now? Everybody just lets him run over them. He's like me. no competition. (had to add that BRING BACK THE 08-12 CELTICS! They were grimy and they had heart. It wasn't about being friends. They wanted to win. They didn't need to have story lines. They were the story lines. Honey nut cheerios. Carmelo waiting outside. Rondo sneaking up to the huddle behind LeBron listening to the plays. LeBron pushing him away. Don't you guys realize why they did so well because they weren't acting. It wasn't about numbers but skill and heart. It was competition and not all of this synchronized stuff. 2 NOBODY WANTS TO SAY IT BUT STEPH CURRY RUINED THE NBA. I knew he would RUIN IT. HE'S TOO LIKEABLE. EVERYBODY LIKES HIM. I hate him but I feel guilty you know? like am I going to be punished for my sins? SIMPLY, YOU CAN'T CHEER AGAINST HIM. IT'S BORING BASKETBALL. BORING. You can't even cheer for them because they are too good and too nice. I'D RATHER WATCH AMPUTEE PORN THEN THE NBA (IT'S REALLY NOT THAT BAD They are not grimy enough. Draft someone hood. I mean really hood. Who shoots baskets and people. YOU CAN'T CHEER AGAINST KD. HE'S TOO NICE. THERE'S TOO MANY NICE GUYS. EVERY BODY IS FRIENDLY. THE NBA is soft and nobody wants to say it because it's better for the players and it's no longer ghetto per say but isn't that what made it fun and entertaining? the grimyness. NOW THEY ARE SHAKING HANDS. HANGING OUT with each other after the Games. SHOWING RESPECT FOR EACH OTHER. Being nice to EACH OTHER'S kids. Liking each other's pictures on Instagram! I could go on. The Celtics were the last of the golden era of NBA. Those type of teams THEY DON'T EVEN TALK TRASH on the court anymore. WANT TO HANG OUT LATER. WHERE'd you get your shoes from? THERE ARE NO BAD BOYS IN THE NBA. Simple. THAT'S THE PROBLEM. EVERYONE IS LIKEABLE. THERE is NO PASSION IN the GAME. BECAUSE YOU DON'T HATE ANYBODY. THE CELTICS WERE THE LAST BAD BOY TEAM. PEOPLE HATED THEM OR LOVED THEM. EITHER WAY YOU CAN ARGUE ABOUT THEM. People don't argue about NBA teams. it's no passion. I MISS THE DAYS OF LAKERS CELTICS FANS GOING BACK AND FORTH. I HATE KOBE AND I DON'T EVEN KNOW THE GUY. IT'S NOT PERSONAL BUT IT WAS THE GAME. it was the rivalry. THE PASSION SHOWED. AND YOU GUYS REPLACED THEM .WITH THE cupcakes ?what kind of grown men allow that name in the NBA? It's become apart of the society hasn't it? I get it. I see it. I actually like golden state too by the way. I cheer for the cupcakes.. 3 Golden state really? A bunch of tech fans out there. BORING. The crowd looks like a high school tech fair. They are just there being happy. Not rowdy enough. not savage enough. ATLEAST the other cities were rowdy. 4 They just give up when LeBron gets going. Where's the game? LeBron is not just a basketball player but he's a politician of the game. He picks the team. Look at them. The pretty much mirror the warriors when it comes to personality. He knew where the NBA was going. Mostly nice guys. It's his fault also that the NBA sucks and just like the good ole put the two guys with the most blame in the finals. EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT LEBRON BROKE UP THE CELTICS. HE WAS THE YOKO UNO WHATEVER AND THEY WERE THE BEETLES. HE KEPT WHISPERING IN RAY ALLEN'S EAR BECAUSE HE COULDN'T BEAT THEM. Watch this video. It's clear. LOOK AT THE TIMES HE LOST TO THE CELTICS. HE GOT RAY ALLEN just TO GET PASS THEM. HE PLAYS POLITICS. HE'S SMART. 5 They are all pretty boys. no offense but the uglier they were they better they played. Take it anyway you want. Now they all want to be models and ladies men. oh please. you guys are soft now. athletes can't have it all. Like did they stuff nerds in lockers or did they get stuff in lockers? (I never got stuff in one btw lmao don't try it. looks at the Celtics coach. what is he? a worker at the express store or a game stop worker in the mall. everybody is nice. it's Steph fault. he was the prototype and everybody bought in to win too. 6 those storyline suck. do you really have to gossip about the smallest things. like they literally talk about the dumbest stuff. so and so doesn't text each other anymore. LAME. what happen to the real stories on the court? You can tell by the Boston chat on area 21 that they had a real bond. I was apart of the team you know. In my head. Shrek and donkey. REMEMBER SHREK AND DONKEY AND THE PICTURE OF NATE ON HIS BACK? LMAO. OF COURSE YOU REMEMBER. THE STORIES SOLD THEMSELVES. Ray Allen breaking the three point record. or that time we counted him shoot what was it 9 threes to break the playoff record. Or that gum he use to chew. man that was a hard piece of gun! anything is possible kg. they were the last good entertaining team and they weren't even acting. you could feel the passion. only Pierce can guard LeBron and everybody knows it! LeBron has no competition now. I wanted to be rondo but who do I want to be now. the attendant who sells pizza so I can steal slices during down times. you guys suck! Again, Steph Curry ruined the NBA. NOBODY WANTS TO ADMIT IT. LeBron RUINED the NBA by breaking up the Celtics. and And the OLD Celtics ruined the NBA by bringing the big three together AND CAUSING EVERYBODY TO FOLLOW. everything goes down hill from the 11/12 Celtics. Everybody is nice now. None of them can take a joke. If you criticize them, they tweet about you back instead of proving it on the court. They are all trash. Yeah, they are classy. Oh cool, they are not hood. Old people are not afraid of them. well good luck with the young fans. they are watching because we love the game but the style of the game sucks. I miss the old Celtics. The team against the world attitude. it's really Doc because the clippers had it too which is why everybody gravitated to them. Don't believe me? Who was the number one or number two team with Games on TV this year? I think they were the number one team with most set TV spots. the NBA knows who everybody likes to see but those idiots didn't understand why and instead keep pushing the good guys . maybe some like the teams to hate? the Celtics. the Lakers. hmm what do they have in common? every has an opinion. the clippers complain too much. but we could watch and disagree and see the passion. Doc makes you cheer for them or hate them but noooo we don't like the clippers. We like golden state. You guys are dumb. and now the clippers are trash. San Antonio is the most boring team ever. and they are all nice. _- you couldn't pay me to watch them. and the NBA knows this too because everytime they go to the finals, the ratings die! die. I hope they go! We can't hate the warriors. We don't even hate LeBron anymore. He's becoming LIKEABLE again. all these Lebron's haters are just doing it for their own entertainment. they don't even believe it. they are not passionate about their hate for them. after LeBron leaves this league is trash. that's why you guys subconsciously remembering and talking about the old Celtics. That's when it started going down hill. These young guys are all friends and they all like each other and I sound crazy for saying that but it's true. There is nobody to hate but me. You can't argue about them because they don't have the passion either for you to defend them. -_ none of them want to be hated. And get this, none of them want to feed off of the hate. NONE. If a city hates them, they will rest in that city or be petty at the press conference. I mean if you are an NBA player then honestly this is the BEST time to play. I DON'T BLAME YOU. THEY MADE IT INTO NUMBERS AND POLITICS AND THAT'S NOT FAIR. You players really enjoy the job with no hassle and you can hang out with the others. How cool. Only the old Celtics could deny LeBron. I remember back in the day when he started losing and Ray had retired and everytime he fell behind to a team. Ray Allen would start trending. Everytime! where's ray Allen go get Ray . even social media was better back then for basketball. it's trash too now. and now we have to wait until the finals. straight path to the finals. this is the lamest playoff ever. I'm not afraid to say it. it stopped after like 2011/2012. you guys ruined the NBA. see how many times LBJ got denied here. competition. All roads went through there. You guys are trash.

#25 14.10.2018 at 23:06 demian85:

#26 15.10.2018 at 22:47 ewewerw:
it so nick

#27 22.10.2018 at 12:48 FOSTER:
Die Russen knnen aber Kamikazi

#28 01.11.2018 at 22:23 sas4584:
Christian Chicken Chick Fila ?