How to fix a seat belt retractor

how to fix a seat belt retractor
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Seat belt won't retract ● easy fix

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DESCRIPTION: If you have a new car you hos install an original seat belt and retractor. A Mixed Bag in the U. Pay attention so that the seat belt isn't twisted. You can mail your seat belt to a company that provides Seat Belt Replacement Service..

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Disconnect the electrical connector connected to the retractor. When you reinstall the seat belt, you can twist the retractor spring three to four times more than what it was. The proper way to fix a broken seat belt retractor is to replace the retractor and belt with a new set. We will also go over the procedure required to replace the seat belt retractor. When in extreme conditions, you may not have enough time to take the above actions. Cleaning is the solution to dirt and grime.


how to fix a seat belt retractor
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Use a socket and ratchet to remove top seat belt bracket bolt. Let the seat belt dry out..

  • This can be due to a damaged seat belt mechanism..
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Once the spring inside the retractor weakens the belt will won't go all the way back. Get a bucket of water and add dish soap..

  • demonstrates the process of fixing the "slow to retract" seat belt. to dis-assemble the rear area to even.
  • If your seat belt won't retract, this will fix it 99% of the time. way to tell if its the dirty or the retractor spring.
  • Video showing you an easy way to repair a stuck seat belt that won't retract rewind back into the automobile.

This is the panel that covers the pillar between the front and rear door referred to as the B-pillar. If needed, try soaking as much of the belt that you can place in a bucket of soapy water. A Mixed Bag in the U. Dirt and grime is on the fabric of the seatbelt causing it to retract slower than normal 2. Reinstall the trim and check to see if the seat belt problem is fixed.

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