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#1 HomaSu2: does seeing jordan ever remind you of a certain mlghwnt?

#2 Dissel13: Where is sr. Mwes a lot

#3 nooblog11: Coutinho dembele and dybala are good young players but none of them are at Neymar's level yet

#4 lerflbvf: Que difdivil ed eszcrobhir cponh una manho

#5 LAZAR1708: Y tambin mejor dicho ise todas esas bromas

#6 kabajl24: monsta memang terbaik !

#7 voinman: Very nice idea, will try for sure

#8 rebecca1: new horror movie who dis?

#9 krossfire: Haters gonna hate. Players gonna play. Live a life man. The first thing I taught is BTS. Who else?

#10 GroM2oo5: That's what Michael Jackson used to do during his World Tours. He would roll through the cities with entire armies lmao

#11 wwwdimaby: I watched all the movies

#12 tritiy: I love you

#13 ferrom: 6:15 diy turn your iPhone 6 into a galaxy smartphone

#14 Moonlion: nadie noto de la pistola 1:59

#15 grinchlamosos2: How are these smart?

#16 qwadro1: JAJA pues es verdad, va bien si estas trabajando. Gracias por el video!

#17 fakyou: w

#18 geraldina3: Northrup . Gunman? Come on lady.

#19 klimklim11: Olla.Braviosso supers transitions,tres bons sons garon.L ancienne a la sauce d aujourdhui.Yabon.PiPaPiloulahhh.

#20 mmoloy: That egg yoke had blood in it ! How nasty !

#21 sant1: Here's my novel as to what I think about Shane overall and Bobby. Shane gave this kid the opportunity of a lifetime but him and his boring af friends just don't have the charisma to pull it off. Bobby's older vids were okay. Not my thing, but I think he should've just stayed in his lane back home or continued with his original style of content while in LA. Shane is killing it in my opinion with these little heartfelt movies and the editing, the best I've seen lately from anyone. Bobby seems to be trying to form a Vlog Squad instantaneously and expects his audience to just accept this. Shane brought each one of his squad in organically and they all work in their own way. You can't just throw a bunch of random people at us and expect us to love them. He's just going about everything the wrong way and I honestly don't know what Shane was thinking with the Sunday videos. I actually thought he and Bobby were planning some sort of podcast style thing to make up for the loss of Shane's original podcast. Maybe I dreamed that, but I could swear that's what was said. Part of Bobby's charm was that he wasn't affiliated with the typical LA over the top assholes and it seems like he's trying to be one of them.

#22 pl4srey: Big lie

#23 plafon: All of the color behind u is lovely.and handmade AWESOME

#24 ramil5593: nice makeup


#26 Kare44: Voc faz por quanto

#27 Panterka: Omg,ko makes the perfect right brain! And tko is the edgy left brain

#28 cavera21: Semoga ujung oppa dpt jodoh yg Unyu unyu ya, Dan Son PD dpt yg kumisan,

#29 mnbiuy: What is hilarious is when the say CA has a great economy based on GDP.but then you have to factor in the massive federal and state welfare payments (#1 in the US and their debt which is now about $29 billion.about $13 billion goes to supporting illegal aliens that contribute 2.3 billion to the the math. The progressive/liberal Democratic Party dystopia.

#30 world99: Vale ;la verdad,voy a la cocina ,y le invitare con, con cario a mi amor charo,charito,a bailar estos pasitos, que le anima a ver la vida de otro manera,si corazon ; empezamos !

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We all know he's saying sorry, but as soon as that camera stops rolling, he's be on one hand mode for sure ;P

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cena house is best

#5 10.07.2018 at 16:30 magopartysws:
I just subscribed to UFO seekers

#6 16.07.2018 at 20:43 romashkin11:
WAIT THAT SPIDER IS COMMON! Freaking out right now! But I've also never seen one

#7 25.07.2018 at 23:46 agent102:
You have Joe's face?

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#10 05.08.2018 at 03:53 caggrin:
Looks amazing . just like all your other dishes! I made your chicken sandwich filling again yesterday . probably the 5th time I have made it. The family loves it. Nisa do you have a recipe for chicken chukka? I think it is supposed to be sukka. In Dubai the Lulu store called it chicken chukka. I think it was the chicken version of this recipe above. The chicken had a batter if I remember correctly. It was delicious. Definitely had ketchup in it . and soya sauce too. Also I miss the sweet maida sev that was sold at lulu. Not sure what it is called.

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using cement is primitive ?

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4:17 this song make me more safistying aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Kamasutra.equation of love,

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tracklist please !

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Hey all check out these three Serbian film Inside Martyrs

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Divergent Hunger Maze Game?

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First of all Happy New Year u too Thank u so so much sir ur video is really helping me.

#21 22.09.2018 at 05:17 ryst10:
I love Nickelback and the song, but Trying not to love you's clip is horrible

#22 29.09.2018 at 08:36 sakura:
Que hacer si una persona que padece de diabetes tiene el azucar en 435 como bajarla de forma natural?

#23 07.10.2018 at 04:07 byakugan09:
Brother you need to make the video from a side angle so that the paper is also visible. Right now most is hidden behind the hands. Thanks

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That's a Very interesting and intelligent video . NICE

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He doesn't get the views he deserves

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Sorry couldnt help myself

#27 31.10.2018 at 15:37 Sniper312:
why do these videos always have the WORST music available?

#28 05.11.2018 at 06:49 BoD100:
Wouldn't it have been crazy to have Steve Irwin on the podcast :(

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UFOlogists need more of that Himalayan Brain Cleansing Cream. It's excellent value for money and it does wonders!

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Is it weird that im interested in these conspiracies