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My name is Natalie, 21 years: please, believe me, I am good person and my future career of lawyer doesnt make me bad woman) hope that you agree with me??.

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#1 ajbolit: The guy with the cat is awesome.

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#8 r1r1r1: Jay keeps explaining his exact statement over and over again to this narrator who is trying to make something on nothing. Jay is being very patient with this narrator. Jay is an excellent lawyer and by him being appointed by Trump to represent him says a lot about Jays abilities. I wish I could afford his services for a lawsuit I have in mind.

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free lesbian pictures adults
My name is Irene, 18.: I can say that I am sincere girl, honest and friendly, I am not spoiled, not lightminded, I live a healthy life style, stay in good shape. I help my parents and friends, my heart is always warm and opened. I study to become a dentist and I really like this profession, I like to take away people's pain! I play volleyball, football and tennis, go to gym. One of my little hobbies also is to bake cakes! I am serious about my coming to this site, i know what I want and it is family, so I really hope to find someone, who will see his other half in me as I will see in him!

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Soy su hija

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Me encanta el pasito q ases de la gheto en el min 1:15

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History on this alien photo: This is a real photo, one the Army shared with the USSR counterparts in the 1990's before Russia made a complete confession and release of their info in 2009, which included many of the US exhibits like this one. This Alien was one downed in the early ground based energy burst cannons (looked like a portable radar unit that was responsible for downing a host of small UFOs in the 1950's and 60's. The only way to down one is to disrupt the energy around them, as well as the air or water around the crafts, as conventional weapons have little effect being deflected like any space or atmospheric debris. This particular alien was the only survivor of a crew of three captured near Mountainair, NM, not the famous 1947Roswell-Corona NM crash.The other photo of a round craft covered with a tarp on a semi-truck flat bed trainer was a well known movie prop like many that are seen being transported to movie set sites. Makes for a fun and interesting photo though.

#5 08.07.2018 at 08:51 Dante42:
I really love your voice!

#6 12.07.2018 at 00:30 cwqbhh:
I love how feminism just shits on women that want traditional feminine roles. They so much want the choice for these roles to be some grand conspiracy of men that they need to vilify a huge section of the female population.

#7 18.07.2018 at 18:40 zic890:
11:26 he could just throw the apple since the bridge is not that big

#8 28.07.2018 at 00:09 nikosfe2:
spacevidcast The engineers know what to do, but NASA only get 0.5 of the federal budget. Back during Apollo, NASA got 12 of the budget. NASA's budget is only about $20 billion, but we waste $2 billion a week on useless wars. If they would cut defense spending by 4%, they could double NASA's budget.

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Abra episodio 2 brodi

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I love their accent ! #crazybaalak

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love troy&emma

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My favorite thing about this is that he has a dedicated board game table.

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indonesia kaya di remehin,ngaca woi klian jg rakyat biasa ngacaa,makan juga tuh kaca

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I'm French and You forgot sooooo many things

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this just got so many more views because of tana mongeau

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Blockbusters Chill

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Ill be honest, I do not feel bad for them at all. Like what is the excuse now. They told me they were better and a different team all year and now you fold again in the playoffs. Im done. theyre embarrassing

#20 09.09.2018 at 23:09 kirker2:
The only metal wolverine or Any other healer can't recover from is carbonatium. One of the few people that have weapons like that is deadpool. The only way vibrabium would go through him is if it were constantly vibrating at a specific frequency. Or else caps shield (which is a mixture of both vibranium and adamantium)would have killed Logan decades ago. Look up misty knight and her vibranium arm. Also cyclops has bested wolvie in battle time after time. There's a reason her was their leader, his tactical skills were better than any other xman. Iron spidey you got is completely different from the cinematic universe. But you'll find that out. But Jax. Why even put that lame character in there? Still funny video. Good job on the graphics

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nice mix

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so beautiful

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I get that you just wanne help but she did start loosing weight over a period of time and in her vlogs you see her eating healthy and well EATING I know that this is how you help people but I just wanted to let you know. but i do love your channel and i do think some of the vids you make (meredith's can help them Love youuuu

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