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My name is Leah, 18 years: Im just a common person not a bit extremal or outstanding. I prefer plain things anything be it food or likes and pastimes. Rather practical I can cook well and do other householding stuff as well as cope with tough situations in a fun way. Yeah, Im creative..


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lesbians having sex hard core
My name is Christy, 25.: The most important and exciting interest in my life right now is traveling. I just love to discover new places and cultures; it is always fascinating to see how other people build their everyday life. I also love to stay active, do lots of fitness such as tennis and swimming. Theater, music, cinema, and psychology are high on my interest list as well.

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#1 17.06.2018 at 06:42 pollin12:
Lol, when Matt LeBlanc walked in, my first thought was wow, that Chandler impersonator looks so much like him!

#2 27.06.2018 at 09:34 ggg987:
They should of put buying her chocolate when she is on her period XD

#3 01.07.2018 at 00:33 DivineEntity:
sooo sorry im late at least I made it in time

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#5 11.07.2018 at 11:43 gruvi:
Her agility is just insane. And her growls. *sigh I can't with her

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at 9:03 he said kfc i swear

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TheHogger89 It is the safest way, and the way we've landed every single probe on Mars ever, except for Pathfinder. Perhaps it is even the only way we know of how. Pathfinder was different since it was the smallest probe we landed on Mars. It could afford to just fall to the ground and bounce with its airbags. RC car versus actual car. Also, no, almost none of your taxes go to these missions. NASA has an extraordinarily tiny budget compared to the rest of the feds. It's a common misconception.

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hola soy de Monterrey Mxico don puedo conseguir un kit para el hongo candida o como puedo controlar con algo casero.gracias doc

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nggak sportif ni , katanya mau di selesain tpi saat mpok elly mau ngmong di potong saat mpok elly mau manggil temennya nggak di bolehin , pdahl host ny sendiri blng mau nylesain masalah

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The I Origins trailer tells u just. everything.

#14 13.08.2018 at 22:51 immitator:

#15 20.08.2018 at 03:22 Gaktilar:
Funny how the people complaining about lotteries for education are the same ones who want legal pot for education

#16 28.08.2018 at 04:09 PhilipJFry:
I just literally Lost My Lunch and Dinner over this Bullshit Political Reasoning of Rudy G.

#17 04.09.2018 at 07:51 galem2008:
Adri el video estaba super!me encant y por cierto me fascinan todos los videos con el tema de imitando fotos son mis vdeos preferidos y me encanta el esfuerzo que le pones cuando que recrear algo la mejor

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Tempat dajjal

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Well that sucks for somebody sometime.in a galaxy far far away. in time and space.

#20 28.09.2018 at 14:29 berezo:
Have y'all ever thought of getting a pet like a cat or dog, that would make your videos even better than they already are?

#21 08.10.2018 at 15:12 founator:
im first

#22 14.10.2018 at 18:08 sterfferson06:
Hello there! I have my group of hostages, I mean students and go on a field trip!And kill my ex husband.

#23 23.10.2018 at 13:11 ntktgepbr2:
I wish there was a video that was like 10 minutes long that was just pounding sounds on repeat because it is SO FREAKING SATISFYING

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Lights of nobody home midnight no light almost dead tablet raining and storming at night perfect for Mr nightmare stories

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for the one about flaky friends: that wasn't cheesy,it was flaky!

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Ummmm she doesn't cook or eat.

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