A love to last may 5

a love to last may 5
My name is Suzanne, 25 years: P.S. Know what's the perk dating a movie editor, hmm?.

A Love to Last: Tension between Anton and Totoy

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a love to last may 5
My name is Janis, 20.: I am an active person. I love travelling so much! I`m always open to new ideas and new interests and I enjoy learning the interests of others.

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  • In the trailer, Andeng pleads to Anton to give her a chance, and he tells her that he will give her another chance and that she will accompany him on a trip to Germany..
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This upcoming romantic family drama directed by Jerry Lopez-Sineng, revolves around the tales of two people fighting a love to last may 5 their choice and chances to a complete and happy relationship - whether in romance and in family. Honestly, I just told them, just make sure my character is not younger than I haven't gotten criticism. Barangay, SK, and other elections. I was challenged because she was so different from me. Retrieved March 2, Retrieved January 24,

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