1972 suzuki t250 hustler

1972 suzuki t250 hustler
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Suzuki T250 Hustler

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DESCRIPTION: Zuzukithe Titan was given a facelift and gained a single disc front brake. Sign in for more lists. It had plenty of power and a very smooth transmission..

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Suzuki T Hustler | eBay

Important Pioneer, Vintage and Collectors' Motorcycles. At the end of the model year, the was dropped from Suzuki's model line after a production run of ten model years and well over , examples produced. A Grange friend got me back into the vintage bike scene when he gave me a yard sale T he had in his barn. Suzuki also produced some of these models in a "high pipe" or "street scrambler" version. During the s, Suzuki showed that it was serious about staying at the forefront of the motorcycle business. Sell one like this.

Suzuki T series.

1972 suzuki t250 hustler
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Sell one like this..

  • Suzuki motorcycles Motorcycles introduced in Motorcycles powered by straight-twin engines..
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  • Suzuki's T Hustler was the cc two-stroke twin that enjoyed a fearsome reputation in the early s, and today it's a fun and rideable classic.
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  • Suzuki T Hustler . Suzuki T - First ride in ten years (outside the Piston Cult garage.

Note the recess 1972 suzuki t250 hustler into the muffler, allowing rear axle removal without having to remove the muffler. Unlike theand models the and 90 had cast iron barrels with aluminium heads angled well forward into the slip stream to lower engine temperature. Vintage Japanese Forum http: Specific TC models included:. This was the first two-stroke motorcycle I had ever owned. Important Pioneer, Vintage and Collectors' Motorcycles.

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